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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

a commenter had a little chuckle,
when i mentioned in
one post about
a nice little
minshuku (see glossary in right column)
to stay at in the mountains in japan -
i said that it must be in the lonely planet,
because there were a fair few
gaijin there.

and that's the thing - everyone knows -
no matter what little abandoned corner of the world you are in,
there will be another intrepid fellow explorer
with beaten up brick of a lonely planet on knee,
just around the next corner.
please know i am not being sniffy here,
i know often the chance meeting brings about good times,
it's just that that seems to be the current state of play.

the lonely planet is still the
dominant force in guide publishing (at least here in oz).
and for sure, they have their place -
i know on my first and subsequent trips to japan
the LP has been at times invaluable
when you land up in a random small town
with no idea of where to stay.
and it is especially useful for places where the language
makes it that bit harder to find what you need.

the trade off is that those guides have been out there a long time,
and everyone else will be there too :)


i love the taking it down a level.
going personalised and community/neighbourhood based.
following your nose and taking welcome hints
from others who like the same stuff you do.
guide makers who will also stop
and take a moment to appreciate
the small quiet corners,
the green potted streets and squares,
the colours and the light.

that's what these wonderful guides
to two of the world's most entrancing cities
can do, i think.

they would be a wonderful addition to
a traveller's suitcase.

top 2 photos:
PARIS 48°49N 2°29E by Ami Sioux at ofr. (in french i would say)

next 2 photos: guide paris at
ofr. (ditto)

how i found the above two: collage by
rosemarie at a drawing diary (exhibiting at ofr.)

last 4 photos: the highly anticipated tokyo neighbourhoods guide by
hello sando

Monday, January 11, 2010

marvellous bonsai by tokyo store sinajina.
how great are the pot
s that look like alien worlds?

it looks like this store is 100% one to visit when in tokyo, i should say.
doing amazing things with contemporary bonsai.
with wonderfully great tips from ebony
and hiki's beautiful blog of daily life in tokyo it is all quite the tokyo bonanza!
i might have to switch my allegiance from kyoto to tokyo? 
hmm, that would be too hard. but i can love them both:)

ps - sorry if this is displaying weirdly. i am yet to work out displaying images side by side properly, sadly.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

opening ceremony

here is a selection of items from opening ceremony.
which i think i first saw at hunter gatherer.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


cholon has stores in sapporo and tokyo.
it sells nice things, by the looks.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

i want to go here, here and here

little miss twig captures tokyo. someone in the comments said like film stills, which is so true.
i want to go to these places.
shimokitazawa needs further exploration next time for me in tokyo.
please, where is that place with the heavy blue curtains and tea on the engawa?
and the fabric shop in the garden in daikanyama, wonderful.

1. shimokitazawa cafe
2. fabric shop in daikanyama
3. engawa in shimokitazawa
4. streetside shimokitazawa

all photos by stephanie at
little miss twig. who i happily discovered via the wonderful hiki at jollygoo.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

great flickr and zine shop

i got really quite excited when i saw this flickr site, via ffffound.
it is collated by staff from this zine shop called shimokitazawa in tapei (thanks hiki!),
and features various zines and publications they stock.
it looks to be an amazing eclectic collection.
and this zine shop in tokyo also looks really good.