Tuesday, February 24, 2009

ah-yi and grand salvo

1st night, Rabbit and Moon

ah-yi makes beautiful prints and publishes one of the most endearing blogs. these are some of her most recent prints, you can see these and her words in accompaniment at ah-yi's blog.

these pictures reminds me of the narrative album called
death by melbourne musician grand salvo.

at  the grand salvo website and you will see the lyrics to the album that features birds, bears and rabbits in a story-telling narrative. you can also see pictures from the album booklet. i quote the opening lyrics:

In the dead of night
Running side by side
Keeping up with bear
A rat and a rabbit

In the light of dawn
Parents find them gone
Running quick and quiet
To the river side

In the sky above
Wind is growing rough
Wings are very tired
Far below a fire by the river side

grand salvo plays with oliver mann at the thornbury theatre in melbourne on friday march 20.

3rd night, Mushrooms

5th night, Roots

2nd night, Orchid Yard

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