Saturday, February 28, 2009

cibi wonder

oh me oh my.

cibi brings a little bit of the best parts of japan to the backstreets of collingwood, and for that i am so very thankful. tasty, homestyle set menu breakfast and lunch plates with grilled salmon for those inclined toward meat, or kabocha nibitashi (pumpkin cooked in a broth seasoned with soy and sugar) and tamogoyaki (rolled omlette) for the herbivores. a beautiful daikon, wakame and cucumber tsukemono flavoured with shiso (see the glossary there on the side bar for the english versions of these) was a taste sensation and the miso soup so hearty.

and then there is the sun pouring through the massive warehouse windows in the semi-industrial space. and to top it all off, the artisan japanese items for sale in the rear. one discovery amongst the carefully edited items on sale was cochae. cochae are an 'origami graphic trio' whose collage origami i really like. they also have wonderful works in printed design and their flyer designs are great. in a serendipitous spotting when looking through their graphic works, i saw they did a flyer for a tenniscoats gig in japan; tenniscoats are a japanese duo who recently played in melbourne at the toff, and they were wonderful.

happy days.

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