Friday, February 6, 2009

fractal theory

takeshi miyakawa's fractal 23 (below) is a piece of beauty. in young days, i was a fan of all the mandelbrot fractal theory pointed out about the infinite nature of nature, and i love the way the repetitive scaled drawers in fractal 23 make perfect use of the space. takeshi miyakawa was so generous in response to a request for images from a (beginner) blog person, i really appreciated it, and it was great to see his answer when asked about japanese aesthetic and design; he described zen temple ryoanji as 'the best piece of conceptual and minimal work of art (he) had ever seen'. lovely.

photos (from top):
- images courtesy of takeshi miyakawa design -
studio interior
fractal 23
ryoanji (this image from wikipedia entry)
studio interior

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