Thursday, March 5, 2009

cafe series - efish

photo courtesy of yocca, flickr photogrpaher

efish cafe is on the banks of the kamogawa (kamo river) in kyoto. it is a cafe with a definite charm and beautiful interior. their website is also one of my favourites of japanese web design.

if ever you are in kyoto, to sit by the huge plate glass windows that open onto the flowing kamo river, drinking their delicious chai and enjoying a cottage cheese, avocado and kewpie mayonnaise sandwich (minus the tuna for vegetarian option) on that oh so tasty super thick japanese white bread is a little bit of heaven. they also have beautiful artifacts on sale, from delicate yakimono to ironware and vintage books. efish collaborate with shinproducts in the supply for many of these wares.

photo courtesy of yocca

my photo of efish

a delicate yakimono pourer bought last trip to efish

an ironware (testsu) sugar pot bought at efish whilst living in kyoto a few years ago

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