Saturday, March 7, 2009

claire's gyoza

claire's shiitake gyoza

claire had a pumpkin growing in her garden. the vine as pumpkins do crept in and over and under her mulched garden beds, fed by cooking scraps compost and watered by her aqueduct of recycled water. little mini-pumpkins sprouted green and then bulged orange. there was much looking forward to the fruits of the vine.

then the pumpkin was harvested. and last saturday a group of girls were treated to the most delicious spread of homemade japanese food we had ever seen. beautiful, beautiful food cooked with love and care and shared with wonderful company.

we feasted on vegan delights: edamame, tomato salada, miso soup, nasu dengaku, shiitake gyoza, sweet potato gyoza, simmered conbu over seasoned rice, and the renegade dish - the cauliflower terrine from a recipe by claire's mum. all so amazing. and the piece de resistance - the pumpkin baked whole stuffed with genmai and so so many delicious flavourings.

and so with great gratitude, i present my first guest cook recipe - claire's shiitake gyoza. please follow the link on the right there to vegetarian recipes for the downloadable way to create claire's vegan gyoza wonderments.


and here below is a little bit of claire's collected japan that is currently on her walls.

on LHS old photos of geisha from the kitanotenmangu market in kyoto
on RHS Meoto Iwa, Mie Ken sunrise 2004 and Meoto Iwa, Mie Ken sunrise 1940

claire's dream arrival in new york as telepathically interpreted by
a japanese kiddies english class pupil's little brother guchi-chan.

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