Wednesday, January 27, 2010

these arrangements are all from the sogestsu ikebana website.


inspired by my friend telling me she enjoyed a meal of homemade onigiri 
after seeing them on ii-ne, i have an idea.
please write a comment on the post below (or email me
and tell us about your onigiri?
i am sure you would all make some wonderful combinations.
it would seriously be really great to hear about what you make,
like a direct line from ii-ne to the outside world!
i will try and collect them and do a ii-ne reader onigiri tribute post 
(so pictures are also welcome)

the first onigiri suggestion i loved is: 
little grated, sauteed zucchini fresh from the garden:)


  1. beautiful arrangements!
    ill try to think of an interesting combo:)

  2. these are incredible!

  3. love ikebana!! i will try one when the blossoms are there:-)

  4. awesome, no? i find every one of these amazing.

    and marie - yes, please!! i look forward to it!

  5. 4 and 6, if we're voting. This makes me want to try it myself! As a rank amateur of course.