Sunday, April 19, 2009

kosuke ikeda

kosuke ikeda prints. amazing patterns and lines. via boooooooom.


  1. Anonymous22:39

    Amazing work. Thanks for hinting!

  2. thanks for your comment jo! so amazing, i love the ordinary street scenes rendered in pattern and lines.

  3. yay! you got the comments working! tanoshiminishiteimasu! xxx
    Is this the artist that does all of the tokyo potted gardens? I love love love!
    hope you have had a lovely weekend pretty one!
    ja ne!

  4. well, hello, sandwich:) i think comments are maybe only working if you click on the post title? i am not sure about the potted gardens of tokyo, please let me know if you find out more? he is from kyoto (i thought i recognised some of those streets;) and i think his work is one of my favourite discoveries - wonderful. please read his profile on his web page, so very great, his drawings do indeed 'attract people always'.

  5. oh yes you are right! All these days I could have left comments! sigh! :)
    I will do some tracking back and see if I can find the name of the Tokyo Potted Gardens artist. And I will indeed read his profile! Thank you for sharing lovely thing! and have a lovely