Tuesday, April 28, 2009

pecha kucha melbourne

ps - anyone in melbourne and keen for 6 minutes and 40 seconds of slides of inspiration from architects, designers, artists and the man behind the ever so lovely concept of the jacky winter group and lamington drive gallery might want to head in to pecha kucha melbourne tonight at the toff in town...
images: dylan martorell warburton (top) and osaka loop line (bottom) via the jacky winter group

from pecha kucha site:

'pecha kucha is japanese for chit-chat and is a new way to present using PowerPoint. presenters are allowed to use 20 slides, which are shown on screen for 20 seconds each. it equals a 6 minute, 40 second presentation. it was great! If you’ve ever sat through a boring presentation with the presenter rambling on and on and on or reading to you EXACTLY what is already on the screen, this is definitely for you.'

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