Sunday, May 31, 2009

kazari special event

a note for japanophiles in melbourne (via ziguzagu):

an evening with the artist Evan Demas with Butoh performance by Yumi Umiumare has been specially organized for the NGV Artbeat members (younger group of NGV members) at Kazari Collector this Wednesday 3 June. With space still left we have been able to invite a small number of friends who may have a special interest.

$25 per head includes drinks, finger food, an informal talk with the artist and special intimate performance by Yumi Umiumare, Australia’s only Butoh dancer.

Please call 9510 2528 or to RSVP 
Friends and partners are welcome.
Wednesday 6.30pm, 450 Malvern Rd, Prahran.

Evan Demas is a local installation artist and sculptor as well as an award winning Ikebana practitioner and recently assisted visiting Japanese Master Tetsunori Kawana construct the grand bamboo sculpture at the NGV. Click here for more info on Evan Demas

Visit Yumi Umiumare’s website here


  1. Bree! can you please stop rubbing in how much fun Melbourne is ;)
    Have a wonderful time lovely! xxx

  2. Lovely photos!

  3. hi ebony and yoli! i don;t think i can go unfortunately ebony - am starting the 'oh my god my assignment is due next week' panic. but yes, melbourne is ace, he he he, but as is sydney in equal measure! thanks yoli - i like the top arrangement very much - am inspired to find a pink lady apple tree in an orchards somewhere and make some arragnements! he looks very interesting ikebana artist.

  4. I so WANT to go to this but can't make it this Wed. I love Butoh more than most things in life and hung out with an amazing Butoh crowd in Kyoto. I once sat through a 5 hour Butoh performance (of many acts) in Osaka just because I could :)