Monday, May 11, 2009

tsuyatsuya's potted gardens

a little while ago, the delightful hello sandwich had a great post on tokyo's potted gardens. to me these potted gardens are very special and evocative of a certain essence of japan; pots of flowers and plants outside every home and store. there is something beautifully unintentional about these at times haphazard, but so pleasing arrangements of green and colour. it's like they are saying plants and flowers are an essential part of life, and wherever you can, in whatever space you have, fill your life with things that grow. formal japanese gardens are generally known and admired for their thoughtful and somewhat structured arrangement and layout, and ikebana and bonsai are both very constructed forms. i love all of those as well of course, but there is a special place in my heart for the random potted garden.

i was going to post some of the potted photos we have from japan, but then i found tsuyatsuya. these are some of tsuyatsuya's potted garden photos.

not officially a potted garden, but beautiful


  1. Ow I love love love! Your photos are gorgeous! I love that little collection of red hanging plants in white pots! I will have to take us some more when I go back next month!
    :) thank you for another gorgeous post missy!
    Love Love
    Hello Sandwich

  2. ah, i was just about to let you know that i had a little ode to hello in my love affair with the potted garden. yes! please take many, many and share the love:)

  3. :) oh I also forgot to say thank you for the little link too! thank you lovely! xxx

  4. Yes potted gardens!! I've got a potted garden too, so this must be the essential part of our culture. I love your picks of the potted gardens :)

  5. thanks hiki! yes, i am obsessed with potted plants too, and am making a sunroom-type eating room mainly so i can have more plants inside.

    ps - i am entirely loving jollygoo, and am highly envious you have the mina perhonen catalogue:)

  6. so gorgeous thanks for sharing! Im feeling inspired to do something on my balcony now : )

  7. One lovely post again, I went through all the links and am fascinated. I am just reading a lot about guerrilla gardening and urban gardening and since then every good day is spent in the garden and enjoying. The potted gardens are a magically idea! Thankthankthankyou!!

  8. thankyou handmade romance and jo! wonderful, i can picture everyone being out on the balcony and in the garden potting things up - yay. urban gardening is really interesting i think - community garden spaces, and reclaiming unused public space for vegetables and fruit or just corners of green and colour, it is a really great movement...

  9. i absolutely LOVE these!
    you find the best pictures. thank you for sharing!!!
    great post

  10. Little pots. When can I get my own garden......