Monday, June 15, 2009

a knitted life

is getting so cold now in melbourne. a knitted life would be a good life:

from some time ago now (indeed, i think she was featured on blogs like design sponge before i even knew what a blog was!) but
and her exhibition a knitted life and diary with some wonderful photos and musings is wonderful.
fushiginoiroito (mysteriously coloured string) exhibition of japanese knitters from knit japan (from 2001, but some very interesting works)

all above mafuyu


a knitted/crocheted bus in mexcio via bfhomewares blog

knitted butterfly - nikki gabriel

three above images from knit japan fushiginoiroito exhibition


  1. Anonymous23:09

    Knitting is my all time favourite right next to sewing.
    But where does one get this incredible persistance?
    Some force that drives people to just go on producing like there's no tomorrow!
    Lovely find.

  2. That is amazing! Not just knitting like I always imagined (for little old ladies)but fresh, modern and exciting.

  3. wow, what a lovely and inspiring post!
    Thanks for sharing.
    It is funny you said 'before i even knew what a blog was'. Six months ago, the two girls of the Mieke Willems shop dragged me into the 21st
    century, they learned me EVERYTHING, how to use a computer, even how to mail, they tried several times to explain what a blog is, they even learned me how to make photo's.I'm grateful to them for the rest of my life.:-)

  4. hi there! yes, amazing stuff hey? i really like the cocoon-like structure via knit japan, and the ghostly dress. and renilde - that is so lovely about the being dragged into 21st century - i am very grateful to them for showing you blogging, because now we all get to enjoy at-swim-two-bird's beautiful posts! i am still pretty analogue when it comes to the blogosphere, one day i hope to be able to handle html with absolute ease:)

  5. it's amazing how creative people can be with knitting. I loooove the "knitted butterfly", so beautiful and wonderful work!

  6. These are very beautiful work! Especially, the one at the bottom is my favorite! Lovely colors as well! I wish I knew how to knit...