Wednesday, June 10, 2009

zine o zine, misaki kawai

well now, i think zines are my favourite thing right now. did you see this book by its cover entry?
misaki kawai looks good fun. the above is called macho peanut:)

above four images via book by its cover

how great are her icons?

a nice studio
tako desu


  1. I love her world.

  2. really adorable! i feel like making a zine myself,it looks so pleasant to do.
    There's only one Japanese word i know, and that is 'kawai', it means cute, isn't it?

  3. hi yoli and renilde. yes, such a fun world. i would love to see your zine renilde! and yes, kawaii is cute:)

  4. So kawaii!!!! I love her sense of colours and the caracters are so unique and adorable. yes her family name is "kawai" and she's cute too!!

  5. sooooo in love!!! Thank you for sharing! reminds me of kiiiiiii's website! so cute! I want that zine! and have emailed her already! owww so cute!
    Love Love
    Hello Sandwich

  6. I've just discovered how to leave a comment! Just wanted to say how much I enjoy your blog and the inspiration it brings me.
    That zine looks so wonderful too! :)

  7. well, hello hiki, windy and ebony, it is so lovely to hear form you. i know, so sweet she is called kawai and her work is too:) and am so happy you like it ebony - good idea! pls let us know how you go in getting your hands on it! and it is really lovely to hear from you windy days, i really, really, love you blog - you have such a beautiful way of expressing your world via pictures and words!

  8. Nice to meet you.
    We run a store "op.00302" at nisinippori-tokyo.
    We need zines.
    if you habe interests,please see our blog!