Sunday, July 19, 2009


like the rest of melbourne, i have had a bit of a cold of late. and also a little bit distracted with being busy at work and fiddling with laying out a little cook book of nice vegetarian japanese recipes that i hope to give to friends and relatives. and who knows, maybe if it works well, i could even try making it a little zine-y type one to put out into the world? but that seems a very far away dream at the moment...meanwhile...

cocca is a really nice textile house based in shibuya tokyo. i am a big fan of the 'kite apron' above and the 'honeycomb' below. cocca collaborations include d-bros and iida kasaten. the lovely three buttons did a post on cocca whilst in tokyo.


iida kasaten kasa with d-bros fabric


  1. Oh my goodness totally make it a ziney thing!!!!! I want one so bad!!!!!!!!!!!!! You clever little poppet!
    hope you have had a nice weekend!
    Love Love
    Hello Sandwich

  2. i am so glad i found you blog! your posts are so beautiful and inspiring! is it ok if i put your link on my blog?

  3. hi ebony - oh thankyou for the encouragement, but if have seen the dodgy non-consistent layouts i do for my little pdf recipes you see i have a long way to go:) AND i simply am so looking forward to your zine project, i hope it is going well!! AND lullatone is on my record player thanks to your beautiful package of lovely things - so thankyou so much again!!!
    and hi francesca! thankyou for such a lovely comment, i would be super happy if you think my blog is one to link to:)

  4. イイダ傘店 is terrific isn't it! this marui bag is very nice too! watashimo kiniirimashita!
    and YES! you should make the little zine-y thing, it's a great idea and you will do a great job I'm sure. I will definately buy one when you've made it ;)

  5. i love the apron :) the cook book sounds great! id buy a copy!

  6. I love this honeycomb. My mum taught me how to patchwork with hexagons like this and I have been meaning to revisit it for AGES. This reminds me I should...
    I want a cookbook too!
    P.S. zines are supposed to be slightly dodgy aren't they?

  7. hi hiki, marie and dell. the marui patchwork, just so pleasing to see in the world, and that kite apron - something so great about it, i also want that brown polkadot dress:) and thankyou for your encouragement for the zine dream, so true dell, i will shoot for nice dodgy...

  8. I want to put in an order for your lovely sounding Japanese vego recipe zine! I hope it includes the amazing Japanese salad dressing secret that I can never quite crack.
    Lee Tran

  9. hi lee! thankyou!! i will try:) i wonder which salad dressing you mean? i am currently trying to unlock the secrets to a grated daikon/citrus dressing that i really like...but all the dressings are so good - and how about japanese potato salad - delicious!

  10. I love that round hexagon bag - is it a bag? I don't care what it is. I love it. It's one of those whydidn'tIthinkofthats.

  11. hi lindsay, i like that attitude, doesn;t matter what it is or what function it plays, i just love it. nice:)