Friday, July 31, 2009


my current heart's desire. a cobalt blue claystone pottery teapot. i saw it leafing through old copies of insideout (this is online picture of the insideout spread of teapot - lovely). i hope i can excuse myself for a yakimono post that does not refer directly back to japan, because almost all yakimono reminds me of japan in some way...

ps - i am going to sydney, to see them play saturday. and i really want to go here thanks to ebony, and here thanks to lee tran lam:)

and ps - whilst i am on items of heart's desire unrelated to japan, i didn't know that donna wilson designs sofas too but now i do, her hue sofa for SCP has triggered a very strong craving. they call it 'comfortably familiar'.

the black version with sugar pot


beakers (ちょっと日本っぽいと思います)


  1. you just have such great eyes for japanese (or japanesy) things! i love that teapot in my favourite blue colour.

    have a lovely trip to sydney!

  2. i´m obsessed with japanese tea sets. i have four o five.
    this one is specially beautiful!

  3. Have a lovely trip! I hope Cafe Ish treats you well - it is squishy and small, but worth it - I think you will enjoy the Japanese/mod-Aus menu. Maybe see you there!

  4. Love the cobalt blue teapot!! Color is so amazing...

    Looks like you have a lovely plan this weekend. Have a great time! ox

  5. thanks for the comments everyone! sydney was great (sorry lee tran, i didn;t make it to cafe ish - next time for sure!!)

  6. i feel sorry i missed a few posts, they're all incredibly beautiful, especially for a colourfreak like me :-).
    The bleu of the pottery is amazing.
    thanks for sharing.

  7. what an amazing pottery set. i love that intense cobalt blue - wow!

    happy sunday...

  8. hi renidle and kristina - the cobalt blue is truly spectacular isn;t it? and the shape. i found out it is called the 'bird' teapot:)