Tuesday, August 4, 2009

melisande's tessellations

i have been meaning to show melisande's origami tessellations for a long time now. amazing.
sorry, i am sure i first saw these somewhere but i really can't remember where.
also see a
previous post on ee-tee's beautiful origami.

i find myself a bit busy and mildly unmotivated...hmmm....that must mean i have started classes again:)


  1. Oh Bree these are perfect! So, so lovely.

  2. these are origami!? truly amazing.
    wow thank you for sharing this, it's super!

  3. crazy clever origami...
    reminds me a little of these.


  4. is amazing stuff for sure. thanks dell for pointing out the platform artist's group origami work - stellar! i have so got to go to platform things more often

  5. On my goodness! I love these!

  6. I'll have to let Mélisande know that she needs to get herself a MFA, and then she can market her pieces as fine art :)

    Thanks for the link to the Kaori Kato work, sharing that with our little community and I think they'll enjoy seeing what's been done there... quite a creative use of these designs.

    There's a whole lot of further origami tessellation artwork in the Flickr Origami Tessellations group, which is rather interesting to page through and wonder how people make such crazy things.

    -Eric Gjerde

  7. hi jeanne and eric - thanks for your comments. the tessellations flickr site is great, thankyou!

  8. Oh, my goodness, I love these, but you probably already know I'm a polyhedra nerd... I want that last one in particular.