Sunday, August 30, 2009


warning: entirely non-japan-related content. but some very great studio shots and i think perhaps the best use of a drum we will see outside the confines of the stage.

pictures of
dylan martorell studio. via nownow, who are one of the coolest groups town at the moment when it comes to publishing in melbourne. i like their won magazine. and the mixtape is nice.

ps - i am persisting with the tinkering with the big pictures...this is now using the web album hosting method...i have certainly not figured this out yet, so please excuse any oddities.


  1. oh wow wow!! i wish i had a studio like this, sugoku tanoshi-sou!!

  2. Lovely to see into Dylan's studio! I have always loved his work and installations!
    Love Love
    Hello Sandwich

  3. hi hiki - たのしそうね!ドルムでいけがつくるのはだいすき:)ごめん、わたしのにほんごがちょっと。。。

    hi mary - for sure:)

    hi ebony - i thought you might like it! i wish you had of been down in melb for the craft cubed which he was a part of!

  4. Wow, these are so beautiful! Especially the plants growing in the drum.
    Your new blog layout looks great too. :)

  5. hi windy days - thanks! the plants in the drum, a little bit of greatness:)

  6. Ooooh yeah I read about Dylan's studio somewhere else recently. So cool ne? BTW, I love it when you reply to a comment in hiragana and I can read and understand it (eg. your comment to Hiki above). It makes me feel like I have retained some nihongo language ability.

  7. aw- how do you do that big pic thing- i need help!
    it looks great...

  8. hi kylie and david! gambatte with the nihongo kylie - i am sure you are still very super at it!! i am unfortunately not very good at writing it all - reading is a bit better! and hi david! pls check out my latest post - linked to lovely kristina who post is a great resource - she is so very generous in sharing her skills and method!