Thursday, September 10, 2009


it could well be a case of 'enough already with the miranda july', but i do think she is ace. 
you can see a video of walking through her installation at the yokohama triennial here.
the very ace third drawer down in collingwood, melbourne have miranda july's pillowcases above.

miranda july's website for her book no one belongs here more than you.

from recent venice biennale

the yokohama triennial installation

miranda july's website for her book no one belongs here more than you


  1. omg she's saiko desu ne!
    i saw all the slides for this book and am absolutely in love with it! luckily amazon japan has it too so i've put it in my shopping cart ;)
    thank you for a wonderful wonderful info!

  2. that magazine you´re reading look´s very nice (ku:nel). Who´s the author of the cover?? i´m curious :)

  3. hi hiki! i hope you enjoy the book - great stories:) and hi nazara - i am not sure of the author of the cover - do you mean deisgner? i am not sure, is probably the art director/designer for the ku:nel magazine? i will try and post some pictures of the inside of this volume soon, they have some great pics of plants and things....