Wednesday, September 16, 2009

tea bowl

some teabowls. most images from mingeikan,
but have unfortunately misplaced the source of some.
(my friend kara is having an exhibition of her pottery
kara-no-te in NY soon!)
(and someone visited my friend
akiko's tea house in kyoto after seeing it in ii-ne-kore.
you have no idea how happy that makes me!)


  1. mmmm, i'm so in love with Japanese pottery.
    thanks for sharing, hope the NY exhibition will be on the net.

  2. I was looking at the tea bowls at a shop a few days ago so wanting to get one for myself. I love the shape, size and the "botteri" or "dosshiri" feel (i can't think of the exact word in English for this) of the tea bowls.

    Oh and you asked me what camera I use, it's a compact film camera by fujifilm. They don't make the model I use anymore but this one should be pretty close:

  3. hi renilde and hiki. i am not sure if kara will put her exhibition up on the net, but you can see her pottery images via her website as well! and i am not sure either of an english woprd that best represetns the feeling of those two feelings hiki...hmmm...that is what makes language so interesting i think! and thanks a lot for the camera information, i will definitely look into that:)

  4. subarashi des ne...

  5. subarashii for sure! nihongo o benkyou shiteiru desu ka? ii ne:)

    i am still trying to think of a word for botteri hiki...literally it is things like 'thickly coated'? or is in the 'plump' sense i wonder? neither of these are the right thing, i know...hmmmm. a good challenge:)

  6. hm these are really beautiful! id love to go to ny, if only to this exhibition. i need to start a ceramics collection soon.

  7. hi marie! the teabowls here are very old ones, mostly in museums and things, you can see kara's pottery by clicking on her kara-no-te link, i hope you like them! i totally agree, need to start concentrating on nice ceramic collecting:)