Sunday, October 25, 2009

art, writing and a big cartel

the lovely marie from ici blog has opened a big cartel.
and i just discovered marie has also begun a new blog called lire, words on the literary.
it is lovely to visit marie's charming, quiet and contemplative world.

the above image is from lire. it is a water colour by melbourne artist alice byrne,
currently on show at james makin gallery.
the below are some oishisou onigiri by marie.

ps - and how very very exciting it is that mieke willems now have a web shop!

pps - i am centred now.


  1. lovely! thank you for the recommendation! kenza

  2. thanks bree :) ill have to make some oni-giri for you to say thankyou!

  3. no problem caramelcaramelo! and no problem marie - your bags a great, and your new lire blog is wonderful:)

  4. and yes please, peas and mint onigiri - great idea! ps - i finally made it to wood spoon the other week. i tried their butter and parsley onigiri. interesting! but i kind of wish they used their hands to make little balls, rather than press into a perfect triangle...