Wednesday, October 14, 2009

some photos i like

some photos that i like that i have seen lately.
from top to bottom:

by urszula wolek via oh photos
(the last wedding i went to was like this. best dresses in the wind and shivering knees)
via no penny for them
(these colours, they stop me)
no penny for them
(this is what sakura look like in dreams)
amira fritz, via oh photos
(in the woods)
by patrick romero via oh photos
(deserted utiliarian)
by mari via make it easy
(looking out the window backlit and half asleep, this is life)


  1. love your choice:-)
    did you see the victor&rolf movies on you tube?
    i added one in my latest post, it is from an exhibition a saw in the Netherlands.
    the show was unbearable beautiful

  2. hi renilde! yep, i saw via your link - very amazing:) it is absolutely art of fashion

  3. hi hi! lovely choices!

    (and thanks for including me... i really like your sakura comment - thank you!
    did i mention that i translated a huge monograph on hokusai some time ago? that was pretty much an immersement in japanese culture. had to read a lot for background research - and loved it.)

    have a fabulous weekend!

  4. hi kristina! of course - your photos are brilliant! that is very interesting about the hokusai monograph - you translated from japanese? that wold have been hard!

  5. oops, i wish... no, i translate from english into german. if only i could speak japanese :)