Sunday, November 15, 2009

dresses on sofas and wallpaper patterns

the paper peacock is wonderful. 
froken o blog also has some really great coloured dresses on coloured sofas. 
and also patterned wallpapers in disrepair, one of my favourite things.
i discovered this blog via mila at loveology.


  1. yes i like that peacock too!
    great photos, mix-matched patterns are always very nice.
    i love old houses. not sure if i could live somewhere new.

  2. Excellent selection of photos from that very nice blog.

  3. hi marie and ensuite, the mixed up patterns are wonderful indeed. i know what you mean, i would find it quite hard to live in an entirely brand new house, too maybe. unless it was made by a wonderful architect of course:) and good news about your editing work marie! and thanks for the link ensuite!!

  4. i've been reading your blog for a while (i must confess I did once steal a picture from you - sorry, i feel bad).

    thank you for finding and compiling such lovely things - I especially love this post - so so lovely.

    xo p

  5. beautiful post, very inspirational..
    love the colours and the combination of the pictures