Monday, November 9, 2009

matsudo mansion renovation

here is a renovation of aclassic older-style tokyo 'mansion' apartment.
the renovation was done by tokyo-based international design firm
so very clean, white and fine. i also like the worn, yellowing, mosaic, old version.
but i guess i let sentimentalism get in the way of nice change sometimes.
i am curious what you think? their intention is:

"the transformation of this typical 'mansion' apartment on 
the outskirts of tokyo demonstrates the adaptability of 
tokyo's post-war housing stock for providing affordable accommodation 
to the next generation of city dwellers."

the before and after photos are from their flickr sets. via jean snow.

ps - tatami mats are green and smell like grass when new. 
these look like the ones that sit on top of wooden flooring, 
rather than the traditional ones where the floor needs to be slightly sunken for the mats to slot in.


  1. I first looked at all pictures and thought 'Hm? they didn't keep that mosaic floor???? Mmmm... could have been nice and modern too...'
    Then I read the text and I was quite pleased to discover I may not be that much wrong to think that way, because at least we're 2!

  2. They got rid of it for technical reasons maybe.

  3. that floor was nice.. but i also like the wood. love the idea of a shower room. that white would be a bit too bright for me i think, but nice and clean looking!

  4. I like it a lot. I like how white, clean and pure it is. With no things laying around (which wouldn't be possible for my house), just the person and their thoughts, something like an abstract living environment. Design itself is sometimes overestimated.

  5. hi there - thanks for your comments, i was very interested in what everyone thought of the before and after. i agree ensuite especially with incorporating that excellent mosaic floor. they gutted the entire place, so i realise it would be hard maybe to keep some elements, and change others...but marie and bohemian girl, i also agree - it is super clean and pure, which is nice. and ABSOLOUTEY love the shower room, it is the best thing, very different to the western modern shower room with acres of shower space set aside in an already cavernous bathroom and 5 shower heads for a family of 2 (sorry, i know over the top and a bit mean but can't resist:) these ones made super use of a tight space, and just totally, totally makes all the bathing sense in the world. hinoki (cypress) helps, it smells so good. is it sustainable?
    phew, long comment!

  6. I like it very much. White and just fantastic.