Wednesday, December 16, 2009

i am recently on a bit of a mission to find out more about modernist matters and architecture related to japan.

the very top photo and all photos below are via ok los angeles. they have a great blog that features the restoration of a classic modernist home and guesthouse in LA. they seem to travel to japan a bit to look for artists and artists to represent in their store, some pictures of one these included below.

claska hotel i saw on jollygoo and immediately decided i need to stay there at least one night. it is an old business hotel from the 60s renovated for contemporary japan, and i love the blue room above.

below are some links i have found so far.
i am super keen to hear of any more!

claska hotel
modern japanese architecture: masters and mannerists in the 1950s-60s
frank lloyd wright in japan
bruno taut in japan
CASA BRUTUS has a modernism in japan special edition from a few years ago,
but so far i can't find a way to get my hands on it from australia, i will keep trying...

this recent scientific discovery confirms in my mind how great octopuses are.
There's really complex behaviours that we write off because we think we're the clever ones."


  1. hey. i too am trying to dig into japanese modernism, takaho itagaki: kikai to geijutsu tono koryu, seems to be a touch point if not modernisms public emergence in japan. you can see the cover at my tumblr. but the book is sooo expensive. thanks / love your image collection.

  2. thanks a lot for your comment marco. i followed your link to your tumblr, that book does seem amazing. but wow, the price tag is phenomenal indeed. i will definitely be looking more into it. thanks again.

  3. great interiors. like the 3rd and 4th ones. what a dream to live in a place like that!

  4. kazuo shinohara,isamu kenmochi,sori yanagi

  5. Oh and walter gropius in japan?

  6. hi marie - dream for sure. but i must admit i would not be able to keep to that, i like to have lots of bits and pieces hanging about...and many thanks mainichi hare for the extra information, that is so great, more avenues to explore!

  7. - I have a publication: "Minimalismo - Minimalista. Una relexion historica." translated and republished by h.f.ullmann that has a beautiful exposition of Shigeru Ban's "Wall-Less House" or as published "House Without Walls". The website does not do the work justice.