Saturday, January 16, 2010

i am notoriously bad with dates. last friday was my 1st blog birthday. 
i just wanted to say thank you so much to everyone who has visited ii-ne-kore, 
given encouragement along the way, and written such beautiful comments and emails 
over the past year. i have met some truly wonderful and inspiring people. 

i am currently nurturing a little dream, polishing it up like a precious gem. 
one of the reasons i feel like i can fly with this, 
is because i have had so much enjoyment here on this blog.

the picture above is via tell you today.

the picture below is of helium eternal, which i saw on the design files
i thought it was a nice one to post, because they not only say to me 'happy!', 
but also because the lovely lucy from the design files was the first to give me encouragement, thank you!


  1. oh congrats bree! here's to another inspiring year of blogging - i'm glad i found your place!

  2. Happy blogaversary! Looking forward to the next year. :)

  3. yea! happy blog-b-day!!! your blog is so inspiring! thank you.

  4. happy happy 1 year! thank you for all the inspiration, and sometimes, laughs (like the video of the japanese pranks!)

  5. i've been enjoying reading your blog for quite some times, thank you for all these lovely and inspirational findings and sharings !

    happy happy sunday !


  6. Happy One Year!!! Beautiful blog!

  7. Many thanks to you for your beautiful blog…

  8. congrats Bree, i've been enjoying reading your blog and looking forward for the next year!!

  9. happy birthday to your blog:)
    its going to be a good year!

  10. what is the little dream?! love the blog. always read it. congratulations on your one-year.

  11. Hi Bree, you have a lovely blog. One of my favourites here.

  12. Happy blog birthday! :)

  13. wow - thanks heaps everyone for the birthday wishes:)
    andrea, the dream is a still kernel-sized, so i think i have to keep it under my hat for a little while until it has a bit more form - but thanks for your curiosity!

  14. happy belated 1st blog birthday bree!!!!
    your blog always makes me smile, i love coming here!

  15. we´ve been following your blog and we love it.
    we linked it to our new one
    we hope you will enjoy it as much as we enjoy yours!
    plese feel free to link un in yours if you like it.
    congratulations ,our best!!!!!. Gavina ,Nuria and Maria. Baingia

  16. congrats for 1 year ii-ne-kore!!! we'll be back next year!
    so cool, these pics!

  17. haha that last photo is so cute