Monday, January 11, 2010

marvellous bonsai by tokyo store sinajina.
how great are the pot
s that look like alien worlds?

it looks like this store is 100% one to visit when in tokyo, i should say.
doing amazing things with contemporary bonsai.
with wonderfully great tips from ebony
and hiki's beautiful blog of daily life in tokyo it is all quite the tokyo bonanza!
i might have to switch my allegiance from kyoto to tokyo? 
hmm, that would be too hard. but i can love them both:)

ps - sorry if this is displaying weirdly. i am yet to work out displaying images side by side properly, sadly.


  1. yes so great!
    kyoto and tokyo are both on my japan list:)

  2. THIS IS STUNNING!!!! My dream is to go to Tokyo next year. So I will have to pay close attention to all that you share.

  3. yes i LOVE shinajina, their shop is awesome!

  4. Very beautiful!!