Thursday, January 7, 2010

really nice images by shabon photo.
i would like to get a film camera. any recommendations?
i have no idea at all. but would like to try taking some photos of things i see.

some of these are taken by a natura 1600, which seems good?
because we are going to japan in march,
i am thinking the best plan is to wait until i hit that camera wonderland,
but amazon is very tempting:)

i will also try my dad's old film camera, that he got for a 21st present from mum,
but i would be very scared to damage/ lose it!

this/these photos are awesome. via 3 cups again.

i like goats. they rank maybe 2nd/3rd in my list of not normally a pet animals.

i am showing my ignorance of northern hempisphere animals here, but what exactly is this cute little beastie? is it a big guinea pig??


  1. teehee the cute little animal is a Capybara. Japan hearts Capybara! They are the worlds largest rodent and are found in areas of South America, but I had never heard of them till I came to Japan and saw little toys of them everywhere.
    Now I have my very own -

  2. if you want to start with a nice basic camera, go for a olympus mju2 or a yashica t4, the most common snap-cameras with high definition lenses! if you got more budget then contax t2 or a basic leica model are good. or just learn to use a good oldfashioned reflexc :)

  3. i have an old nikomat (SLR) that my dad bought years and years ago in japan. it's big and bulky, so although it takes good pictures, i think it's not what you're looking for.
    when you go to japan, look for old camera shops. my cousin who lives there says they sell really good (but oldie) cameras for cheap!

  4. Very lovely photos, thank you and Happy New year !

  5. Anonymous11:36

    I really want a Blackbird, Fly camera.

  6. Anonymous12:22

    a groundhog, i think

  7. hi mirabel - ha ha! that is great - thank you, i had totally never heard/seen one before. i can see why they love them in japan, and well done with the pincer movement:)
    thanks alan - what a great round up - will be googling those 'uns:)
    and for sure marcia - that is the plan, will try and rummage through old camera places. it is interesting how kind of big and awkward rather than small and comapct is often the best, though:)
    thank you piou! and happy new year to you, too!
    and hi shelly - oooh, that looks very interesting. when it's held at waist-level it is like a box brownie - which i have, but have never investigated using...thank you for the link and info, excellent!
    and hi anon - not sure what the groundhog is? you are not talking about the bill murray film, i guess...

  8. these are too good! im not much help camera wise, but goodluck!

  9. These are just great!

  10. I wish I could take photos like these!

  11. these are great, colors are amazing!

  12. hi there - glad you like them - the colours are wonderful, and i really like the distance shots...and i checked what a groundhog looks like, anon. for sure - it also looks like that! they are very cute, too. kind of like a more rotund meercat....

  13. Anonymous22:36

    definitely a capybara, not a groundhog.

  14. very beautiful photos!
    this is actually the 3rd time i said this today, but i wish i knew more about cameras too!

  15. these are all so nice and calm, lovely colours too.
    that sakura one is truly amazing!!

  16. beautiful photos, the colours remind me of old faded photos i still have from the late sixties and seventies :)
    can't give you any advise concerning your purchase; i have a Canon IXUS, and only uses - as a Neanderthal Man would do - the automatic button, and now and than the macrobutton.
    would love to know more about cameras though.
    Have a nice trip :)

  17. for those in Melbourne ;you can feed Baby goats at Collingwood children's farm. and guinea pigs. kawaii!

  18. hi aron! i hop eyou had a nice holiday:) and hi hiki, i think you originally recommended the natura to me? your photos are a bit one that inspires me! the sakura is lovely - extra looking forward to some hanami actin in april ne:) and hi renilde, yes! faded. that is what i am also looking for in the camera i eventually get. i wonder, is it the film? the processing? or simply the camera? hmmm. so much to learn. thank you for sharing what you use! i have always admired your photos - so that is really good to hear:) and hi david, he he - yes, love the children';s farm (now i have a nephew, i should make more effort to go with him. but we come from a farm, and mum and dad still have the farm and have recelty adopted a goat. but he is huge. his friend goat recently died, so he is in mourning, poor thing. they really are herd animals. i am badgering mum and dad to get a companion for him. but he has already eaten all mum's roses once, and also snuck inside the house once and jumped up onto the coffee table, so...demo kawaii na!

  19. Adorable pictures!!!!