Tuesday, January 19, 2010

townhouse by swedish architects elding oscarson.
do you like it sitting in the cobbled street there?

"Jonas Elding was an associate at
Kazuyo Sejima and
Ryue Nishizawa (SANAA)
, Tokyo, for 7 years,
in charge of the design for the
New Museum of Contemporary Art in New York."

designboom commenters are often a tad bitchy and scathing,
have you found that? (if you read designboom?)
or is that well-informed and discerning?
it is sometimes hard to tell the difference:)

ps - that doesn't mean i don't also appreciate the critical comments. 
i fear i am sometimes too far the other way.
and i love a good rant. especially when it is black and blue, eloquently-versed and passionate.

by richard woods


  1. great!
    I love this house!

  2. I like it.
    And feel the same way about Designbooms comments.
    They are not all the same ofcourse, but these days it seems a sport to be very negative.
    Like your blog very much, I check it every day at work :-)

  3. MarkFountain5203:56

    I like it as well, I much prefer a 'contemporary intrusion' to faux old....

  4. Oh, beautiful...
    We must visit many buildings in Tokyo, you know it!
    Moriyama House, A House (both of Ryue Nishizawa), House in a Plum Grove (by Kazuyo Sejima) and many many more... WAA! :D

  5. I like it. the contrast, the picture windows, the garden. I could live there very happily:)

  6. Just perfect. Might do a cheeky re-post tomorrow- thanks Bree!

  7. i like it... interesting comments on designboom... wondering what the neighbours think though.

  8. OH. MY. GOD.
    this is my dream house!!! AMAZING! everything about it! the white, how its sticks out in the neighborhood, the 3 floors, and that outside room!!!!
    i am in awe. thank you for sharing this!!!
    i would be perfect with some wood floors or furnishings though :-)

  9. Sitting on cobbled stones? No problem, What I like about it is that although it is completely different from the other houses, it is almost invisible on the first sight. Especially when the sky is gray... I think it shows perfectly how nice and old could be replaced by something even nicer. And new.
    I also wonder how the architect and the owners managed the usual building restrictions in historical town areas. It couldn't have been easy.

  10. it is nice to see everyone likes it so:)
    yes, so much to visit in tokyo...

  11. I like that everything is so white, but there are so many beautiful textiles.
    I love the little peak into the garden too! It looks so beautiful!

  12. Ingenious way to maximaze a small space. It is so small yet when you are in there, it feels airy and large.

  13. it's beautiful somehow! saw it yesterday on lisens blog! very special, and perfect light!

  14. I feel like it would be like living in a Museum somehow.

  15. hi there!

    it does make such good, light use of a limited space doesn;t it - something that japanese architects have nailed, and these guys obviously have either a legacy in SANAA's work or it is lovely cross-pollination either way? i think japanese architects benefit in this from non-existent heritage overlay/street scape regulations...

    but yes, i also would worry that it feels a bit museum-y to be living there...i always love a space that has lots of nooks, rooms and stuff everywhere, personally. but this one and SANAA's work always have some special beauty, for me. i like how they incorporate green, garden, plants, open shelves etc etc into what could otherwise be quite sterile...

  16. I like you blog; it's a minimalist, beautiful collagé of work.

  17. this house is quite something - read about it just the other day. i like the contrast too. i doubt, though, that building restrictions here would allow for a building like that in such a neighbourhood. that's a shame really.

    i wonder about bitchy comments sometimes. what's the point, really? constructive criticism is fine, but i have a feeling that's not what it is about. hm.

  18. you can really see some sanaa's in this house, and i love it. the contrast is evident, but at the same time not invading. there's light, it's minimal but not because of that impersonal and anti-human. new japanese architecture manages to find the right balance in modern dwellings!

  19. hi crimzonite - thanks for such a nice comment, i really appreciate it! i also enjoy popping into freelancer and checking out the styles:)
    and hi kristina! yes, it is a shame about strict regulations preventing thing slike this happening more often. i think melbourne wold also struggle with it...and i totally agree about the constructive criticism vs pure bitchiness - sometimes it is like point scoring, or something!
    and hi alan! totally:)