Thursday, January 21, 2010

we saw mick, jim and warren play at the forum last night.
they are from melbourne and they are
the dirty three.

these pictures are from a quick look around.
i hope someone took some nice pictures of last night,
because the set looked really great:
basic and stripped back in the coloured light and shadow.

and on the way we went to the opening of
adam cruickshank's exhibition at
craft victoria.
so great!

kind of strange film clip, but very nice song: i remember a time when once you used to love me

this is an awesome, awesome documentary


  1. MarkFountain5219:05

    We're off to see the Dirty Three with John Cale and Bridezilla at the closing concert of the MOMA FOMA Festival this Saturday.
    We saw Warren Ellis about this time last year with the Bad Seeds as part of last years MOFO. Great Stuff.

  2. mark fountain: wow - i have never heard of that MOMA festival and place - looks interesting, architecturally speaking!
    marie: he he, it was great:)
    r: right on:) the drumming! warren on-stage banter/presence is ace. and how great is the documentary?

  3. MarkFountain5214:51

    As a postscript: the Dirty Three blew the place apart - to add the Japanese touch Brian Ritchie (Violent Femmes bassist - now resident in Hobart and MOFO curator) joined them on shakuhachi for an extraordinary piece of music ...... final encore was a very intense Sue's Last Ride.

  4. Brian Ritchie joining the D3 on stage = NutsAwesome.

  5. sounds so great - adding a shakuhachi to the mix is brilliant - would have loved to have seen that. would have loved to have experienced the warren violin and shakuhachi combo. quite the journey i expect!