Monday, February 15, 2010

did you see this on mila's loveology?
what a nice floaty room.  it is just the ticket for my harried brain being kept so busy at work.
it is the room of a japanese designer living in london.

ps - 
on the right there i have changed what's on my record player. 
it's the pixies 'where is my mind'. i think perhaps one of my favourite songs ever.
since i was 17 or so. it's a laster. 
god bless my small town rural newsagent for airmailing the nme in, so a little girl 
with her eyes on the sky and her ears to the ground could get ahold of this.
also see gigantic. from what appears to be the same 1988 concert.


  1. I sing that song to my baby boy all the time :-p

  2. Thank you to post these photos "for me"! Once again we love the same things. I didn't see them on loveology, i don't remember where, but I have them on my desk for months now! It looks very good in big on your blog.
    Thank you too for your comment on my last post: I was too busy during the last 2 months but now i'm gonna photograph many many homes! Next on Thursday! Much love, C

  3. oh i like the pillow case, the chair and all the hanging things! i think all these yellows would be good to sleep amongst -)

  4. lovely...
    and thanks for the song!!

  5. Oh wow! Is that a chandelier with flowers? It really adds to the mood!

  6. how did i miss these two posts? my blogroll must have snuck them right past me! gorgeous!

  7. ooo I think that might be from an old Vogue Living magazine!
    How are you lovely?
    I feel like I haven't seen you or been in touch for ages!
    I've been pretty sick since I got back from Tokyo so slowly getting back into everything.
    Love Love
    Hello (omote)Sando

  8. hello! thanks for the comments on the room an don the song:)

    hi ebony - welcome back! i am well, but very busy at work at the moment, so a bit tired....i hope you are feeling better soon!

  9. this room is beyond words!
    thanks for sharing! that wire lamp just gave me a little idea!