Saturday, February 6, 2010

three nice things via designboom. there was another one, a wonderful house built
around existing tin shed buildings on a small urban block in japan. but i lost the link. 
if anyone remembers that and knows the link, please tell me!

a collaboration by ruth gurvich called light scape.
osaka renovation by katsuhiro miyamoto architects.
hill hut deisgned for japanese clients by visiondivision.

i am keen to see the onigiri of yours and do the post if i can. 
i saw a nice recipe for vinegared onigiri in the most recent kunel...
my email is via here.


  1. lovely ceramics!

    your recipe made me wanted to experiment in the kitchen some days ago, but i hadn´t the necessary ingredients and my onigiris wasn´t so good :(
    have you planned your rute to Tokyo??
    our rute is such a madness! we are thinking about buying a pair of bicycles to travel from tokyo to shizuoka, and then... who knows!

    this guy inspired us:

  2. beautiful ceramics,
    that bamboo house as well!
    i'm getting onto the onigiri-its just been too hot these past few days. i won't forget though!

  3. hi nazara and marie! they are made from paper - models of ceramics. Sorry, i should change my label, it is a bit misleading! and how great is that bamboo house - what a facade.

    no pressure on the 'giri yo! but it would be lovely to see what your creations will be:)

    and wwoofing is going to be great nazara - that is an inspiring blog for that! japan CAN be cheap:) bicycling! small towns! mountains! i am sure you will get to see places and meet people in a totally different way to how many toursits experience japan:)

    our plan is based around where the band will play for the first two weeks - so just the biggies: tokyo, nagoya, osaka, kobe etc. i wouldn;t mind popping up to sapporo again tho! and also really want to spend some time in kyushu, i have never really spent much time there. but i am sure it will be hard to drag myself away from kyoto and surrounds as well...can;t wait to organise a meet up!

  4. You have so many inspiering pictures. I love your blog!

  5. WOW! Lovely design and I like it. The colors, so perfect.

    Deirdre G

  6. looks so intresting, the green hills placed in the room.

  7. OOOO I love the astro turf house!