Tuesday, March 9, 2010

here are some kind of whimsical things.
i need some whimsy at the moment,

from top to bottom:

clouds in the bedroom via see hear say
cloud installation via see hear say
(next all via dezeen)
bucky umbrella installation bar
air vase by torafu architects
smoke lighting
jonas wagell bar
campana bros bamboo

and for the excellent whimsy,
some more topiary spotted by emma at feeling fuzzy


  1. i have been here some times recently, just wanted to let you know i enjoy your blog!
    the clouds in the bedroom are perfect and yes whimsical! what a wonderful word! I've been thinking about making thunderstormclouds for my daughters scary birthdayparty and after i saw this i am sure we will make some!

  2. I hadn't seen your post till now but I posted on something similar (cloud/cotton wool installation) as well! Was drawn to the images which I thought were so cute :)

  3. hi anette! thunderstorm clouds sound awesome:) and what a coincidence cookie cutter - clouds for all!

  4. so fun and whimsical...:) (and the first images remind me of gondry's "the science of sleep")

  5. i need my whimsy and my clouds, like now!

  6. Those cloud installations are just so cute.

  7. oh - love all those clouds! wish i could live in them sometimes!