Thursday, March 4, 2010

i am pretty hopeless at facebook, i don't keep track.
but here are 3 recent invitations we should help spread the word about,
i thought. this post is for melbourne peeps, see you there,

claire's nine-on-seven latest show: ula

minimum chips (melbourne via brisbane) support deerhoof (usa and japan) on wednesday night.

edit: i posted this too late! it was a nice show, very great.
deerhoof members also play tonight (thursday) with tenniscoats' one one (japan) -
highly recommended if you in melbs...
and if not, i recommend you should listen to all of them on their myspaces:)

simon and many others are involved with this ....


  1. ooo that top flyer for rooftop bar looks so cute! Do you have a larger image? I can't see much detail...and do you know who did the layout? so cute!

  2. deerhoof are good! i missed this though, next time i guess..

  3. hi ebony - that's so nice to hear, i pass on to claire who can pas it on to the artists - i will also ask for more detailed/larger format jpg and post if i can! the show looks like it will be really nice.

    and hi marie - yes, i must admit i was not overly familiar with their music before the show - but they were great! it was so nice they invited minimum chips to play. i hope you get to see them sometime!

  4. hello sandwich, claire did send me some detailed pictures, i can send to you via email if you like! but also see the nine-on-seven blog: