Wednesday, June 16, 2010

melbourne designed.
you can buy them online.
they arrive
in a cotton bag, wrapped in recycled brown paper.
or if you live in this wintry town,
you can buy them at the very great
monk house design.
for vegan/thoughtful shoppers, the canvas ones are a nice option!

very very awesome textiles from angelo testa collection.
via very very awesome reference library.

there are some wonderful image collections happening out there in tumblr land.
follow marie down the rabbit hole at ici tumblr:

top: via if tumblr
bottom: drawing diary tumblr


i still have no internet at home.
all i can do is
at work every now and then
catch an online glimpse,
and be bowled over by beauty.

hence the collection above.

i will be back at some stage soon
with those pictures of the 'hood i have in mind,
and hopefully some progress on the home front!

til then,


  1. Anonymous19:38

    ooh, I'm such a sucker for simple leather shoes... (I've taken my Clarks Desert Treks aaaall over and they're looking pretty beaten up, but I love them just the same).
    Love all the colors/materials those from Hobes come in!

  2. like the textile and i favourited the japanese print too:) similar minds eh?
    thanks for the mention, hope all's well.

  3. I absolutely love the shoe! I'm a vegan. The print is lovely too.

  4. Anonymous00:41

    I love the print

  5. hello! great to see the shoes are winners:) great melbourne-based design!

  6. great angelo testa.