Wednesday, September 15, 2010

sometimes it would be nice to
live in a ballroom.
or to 
have a balcony on request.

is a nice place.


  1. It is beautiful! At first I thought it was a rehersal space backstage at a theatre. The private balcony is a great shot.

  2. The ball room is amazing. First I thought the two pictures were connected. In Naples in Italy, I saw something like staircase on request. People had staircases to their apartments if they lived on upper floors of a tenant house. They were self made, folk culture kind of staircases.

  3. yep i want a balcony :)

  4. goodo! thanks yoli and marie:) ps - marie did you see dumbo feather is looking for editor??!!!

    i am happy you thought the two were related, bohemian girl, i put them up together instinctively, and am glad they kind of work together:) the italian folk staircases sound AMAZING.

  5. Really beautiful blog

  6. omg, live in a ballroom!!

  7. this loft looks amazing! what a great space!

  8. hi shannon! wow, thank so much for stopping by with kind words - i am very honoured!

    and aron - yes, ballroom living. it would be great. but i do wonder about the draughts...

    thanks for visiting melocoton:)