Monday, October 11, 2010

it has been a little while since i posted on a japanese architect.

here's a nice one: hideyuki nakamura

images via here (originally from the brilliant rolu.)

this architect found via tokyo design week llove hotel installation

hideyuki nakamura for llove project


  1. So nice! I'm just discovering your blog and it's a really pleasure!
    Have a nice day

  2. excellent - would like to have a peek inside here :)

  3. beautiful pictures, I love the little hidden spaces!

  4. thank you very much a little happier! i hope you have a nice day too:) and right with you there mary and catface - i think its quite an amazing space actually. highly original in its beautiful simplicity.
    aargghhh - does anyone have any ideas how to stop spam comments??? i don't want to hear about these stupid money making things (two comments from savita and svita above mine). i have word protection thing-y activated...but seem to be getting more and more of these auto-generate ones...

  5. Great photos- always tons of inspiration here-thank you-

  6. I love that window at the bottom of he house. That is so clever!! I don't think I love his style, but I like how different his approach is to home design.

    re spam: There is usually an option on your blog of choice that allows you to moderate your comments before they are posted. Then you can just delete them.

  7. hi annamaria - thanks so much! and thanks perpetua - i have just enabled moderation. and that is great that whilst you may not like his style, you appreciate his approach, that's a nice way to consider things.

  8. I'm always fascinated with the concept of zen and the house you featured embodies all the elements I like. Thank you for sharing these pictures.

  9. I hope you don't mind if I recommend your blog to a friend. :) Thanks!

  10. Hi
    Very interesting pics.
    visit from Turkey :)

  11. Wonderful house..seems too perfect to be true..
    Enjoy you weekend

  12. wow, almost get a weird vertigo looking at the house, i think it's the low windows, really cool tho. love the overhang where the little bike can park, safe from the rain. a stellar blog you have, always a joy to pop in!

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  14. Anonymous08:33

    cute pictures! :) I wanna go to Japan! :)

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    Sorry for snooping around! :)

    - Jessel