Tuesday, November 16, 2010

our friend yuko is an absolute gem.

she has been an invaluable help for me with
navigating some tricky business communications
in japanese for MR KITLY
(if left to me to write japanese business letters,
it would be like a pre-schooler writing an email
to japanese makers of beautiful things saying,
'i like, i love for shop, is it ok' :)

so i have a LOT to thank yuko for. endless gratitude.
and she makes beautiful music.
check out my pal foot foot

on top of all this,

yuko makes the most wonderful macrobiotic japanese meals.
we were treated to one at our house on monday night.
here is the before and after.

on the menu was (all organic produce):

potato, celery and onion soup potage
pressure cooked brown rice
bok choy with garlic, ginger and soy
pumpkin skin
potato, cucumber and lemon salad

amazing. macrobiotic absolutely the way to go.
you feel so good after each meal, pure, simple and fresh.
no need for meat or animal products.
and i love how nothing is wasted.
cut off the pumpkin skin for the soup,
cook the skin as kinpira.

(Mr KITLY will stock what i think
is the best japanese vegetarian/macrobiotic recipe book
i have found (in english) so far.
if you like the sound of all this,
please keep an eye out for it at


  1. that looks absolutely delicious.

  2. i already ate dinner, but now i am hungry again :-p

  3. everything looks delicious but what i like the most is these apple bowl!!

  4. i visit your marvellous blog every day and wish you all the best for your new adventure!

  5. hmm I need me some education on this foods.
    I always crave the "umami" flavours tho'- perhaps this would help?

  6. it was delicious:)
    that apple bowl is one of my favourites, thanks, and thank you olga for your very sweet well wishing! and golden smith - kombu is loaded with umami (and lots of other vegetables as well), so macrobiotic all go in that department! yep, i think we need a bit more out there on macrobiotics here in oz...is quite huge in japan

  7. macrobiotic such a daunting name for such beautiful food

  8. momo18:47

    oishisou. Wholefood is so much better in a lot of ways. I have been finding out more about edible weeds and flowers available here in Brisbane. As well as growing gobo and daikon, kikuna, komatsuna and other things.
    And that is the result of not having macrobiotic restaurant here. It is probably good thing so I learn more cooking and growing :)