Thursday, January 6, 2011

MR KITLY open for 2011

MR KITLY is open for 2011!

Thurs-Sun 11am-6pm
or by appointment.

We have lovely new things in the shop -
mobiles, pincushions, potholders,

architecture books, cook books (coming soon),
more teas (in bulk, coming soon)!

And in the gallery
at the moment,
there is ping pong.
And a book installation

Pop in for a spot of pong?

ps, edit:

Dan Rule wrote a beautiful article
about MR KITLY
for Broadsheet
just before Christmas.
We were very honoured!
Especially when you see previous interviews
the talented Dan has written, such as
with Yayoi Kusama!


  1. Love the article in Broadsheet Bree. And those mobiles are to die for.

  2. Thanks Kylie, Dan is such a great writer. The mobiles. I know, so beautiful. Renilde is so very very great:) Cuppa soon desu ne!

    (I just confused myself and wrote that to Kylie from Brisbane on the mr kitly blog post - too many blogs, I get confused which one I am writing on:(

  3., looks so beautiful, hopefully one day i can visit.
    i like your bookshelf.every home needs one of those too.ages ago you mentioned a macrobiotic cookbook in english you really like can you please tell me the name?

  4. It's really nice... there so magic in the air :)

  5. Anonymous14:22

    love the pics!! They're really nice

  6. Thanks everyone for your lovely comments.
    (Melinda - I hope you can visit one day too! I will be posting about that book real soon:)

  7. Anonymous17:19

    Wow such a lovely store I will definitely have to come down and visit too on my next day off.

  8. your shop looks so beautiful!

  9. beaty and pretty and splendid and stunning are the only words i can find to describe these photos...