Saturday, January 1, 2011

some photos from my phone

the idea of getting my latest phone
(which i got a while ago now)
was to get a cheap one that had a mildly good camera
so I could take spontaneous photos
when something caught my eye.

it is a sony cyber shot phone,
but the camera is not that great, really.
should have got an iphone, after all.

but i found these on it today.

from top

1, linen press and mr kitly sleeping
together on the shop floor

2, 3, confetti system at third drawer down
(ages ago now, but was ace)

4, mr kitly enjoying his new window ledge
that julian put in for the cats
(the tree log is ostensibly for them
to use as scratching post.
so far mr kitly likes it as a pillow)

5, mr kitly and linen press in window

6, 7, super cute kiddie at chaska and
gaston's birthday party (also ages ago now)

8, 9, balloons on bed at same party


  1. kitties and kiddies so cute! Camera quality doesn't always matter, its still a photo after all. :)

  2. love that little fellow grabbing the balloon!
    Best wishes for you!

  3. ahhhh. i love those pinatas so much. happy new year xx