Sunday, March 20, 2011

And two more ways.

Top: Pay for Japan
Bottom: Hello Sandwich Giftwrapping zine

And a thoughtful, beautiful post on Spoon and Tamago


  1. Wonderful efforts all.

    I'm someone who believes we have to go beyond financial donations. More money was raised for Haiti relief than for any disaster dating back to 9/11 and little has changed there in over a year.

    I am encouraging everyone possible from politicians, community leaders, Japanese consuls, Avaaz, to Oprah to push for more hands on assistance specifically airlifts of food, generators and fuel, specialized medical supplies AND helping hands, even though some governments are now evacuating their search and rescue teams because of radiation fears.

    my site has references and links to news reports and organizations posted over the last few days. i just feel that the scale of the catastrophe is too big, and that natural Japanese reserve is working against the Japanese people. Time is being lost, and the troubles multiply and compound in the meantime. They threaten to become insurmountable for the Japanese government and unspeakably tragic.

    It only takes a few quick emails, I'm pleading for the world community to speak up and ask your leaders to help NOW!

    Thanks if you can.

  2. It is so heart warming to see the outpour of support for Japan. Gives you hope for humanity.

  3. Love, love, love the furoshiki! Thanks for organising the raffle, btw.