Sunday, April 10, 2011

Handcrafted Modern has (finally) arrived at the shop.
And it is so great.
Beautifully captured details of the homes of some of the most
inspiring architects, designers and artists of the modernist era.

I love the photographer/creator Leslie Williamson's
personalised approach to the entire project.
And I love the opening line:

"Perfection is supremely uninteresting to me."

This gem is now available at MR KITLY web shop.


  1. I love Leslie's work. I will have to add this book to my wishlist ♡

  2. wow, looks great!
    sorry i haven't stopped by the shop in so long - maybe see you this thursday :)

  3. thanks for sharing a few pages of this book.
    i've not read it yet, but all i have seen on blogs gives me the envy to have it in my hands!

  4. oh my, what a great book!!

  5. Yes : thank you to share this beautifull book with us ! I love it, it's a good interpretation of old + modern !
    Bye bye !