Saturday, July 9, 2011

every now and again,
i see white noise
when i am on a nice fashion store's website,
and convince myself to purchase some key wardrobe items
no matter the cost.

i am on the verge here.
but not quite, no spare funds.

these are all a bit muted toned,
maybe because Melbourne is freezingly grey today.

from top

Satomi Kawakita black diamond solitaire ring
Philip Lim
Raglan Sweater
T by Alexander Wang Silk Pocket short
Viktor & Rolf Wool Trouser with Rib Cuffs
Thakoon Addition Skinny Tweed Pant

all via la garconne


  1. satomi kawakita's rings are just beautiful..... you should splurge on the ring and the raglan sweater!

  2. they are so beautiful. i would get married just for the ring:) and yes, the raglan sweater is so awesome, was at the top of the list...

  3. Anonymous00:08

    browsing la garconne, dangerous...


  4. I just spent the day making a bright yellow dress and thinking how seriously inappropriate it was. It seriously looked like night at 3pm. Thanks for sharing some more weather appropriate garments. I want that raglan knit too!

  5. i love the ring
    simple and delicate

  6. these are all so lovely!
    that ring, woa!
    hope you are doing well bree
    tokyo is boiling hot.

  7. that knit sweater is perfect- a staple item that could easily be worthy of the price, and anything satomi kawakita is always my favorite!

  8. This is just so beautiful. Great choices!

  9. Blog hopping......this is all very refreshing. I am very glad I stopped here! Thank you!

  10. So beautiful. I'm happy I stopped by.

  11. that jumper would look so great on you!
    love love the satomi ring... and quite reasonable when you consider how beautiful it is! (tho i understand about the low fund problem)

  12. Anonymous17:16

    beautiful images. love the fashion.

  13. I really like your choice! all things are simple and beautiful. thank you for the inspiration!