Saturday, August 20, 2011

lunch and counter

Today's lunch and (always piled high disorganised)
the MR KITLY shop counter/desk.

Lunch was leftovers from last night, all vegan:

- leftover brown rice from rice cooker made into
little onigiri with sesame seeds

- blanched spinach with goma-ae (I have been using
Maki's recipe for this using tahini lately,
it's super easy and always tasty, out of the just bento cookbook)

- red cabbage, green cabbage, apple, daikon,
onion and toasted walnut salad with
brown rice vinegar and mustard vinaigrette

- vegan nikujaga (stewed potatoes and tofu)
from maki again, this time from her just hungry site

- miso soup (mix of mugi miso and white miso)
with daikon, spring onion and tofu

we are enjoying a steady supply of camellias for the shop
from laura's grandma's garden.
love tsubaki season!

also started using the record player properly,


  1. oh yes! a record player is a must! i love what you made with the leftovers...onigiri yummy!!
    the macrame planter is also wonderful.

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  3. what an adorable set-up for lunch! and those camellias are in full bloom. :]

  4. Anonymous13:54

    Looks very yummy. Love the presentation!

    Camila Faria

  5. beautiful photos!!!! the food looks so tasty!!

  6. ah looks v tasty! should make some onigiri soon :)

  7. 1. Love Mr Kitly.
    2. I am so going to invite myself to lunch one day!
    3. Tsubaki always make me laugh. It is the Samuraio flower thing, you see!!

  8. beautiful camelia!
    i've been on camelia bud watch here in hong kong. my favourite smelling flower - because it reminds me of when i was a kid, bare sleepy feet on cold concrete on the way out to the outside toilet in winter when the inside toilet was busted....
    somehow a sweet memory.

  9. the food looks delicious