Thursday, January 15, 2009

shokubutsu and kohii

the most lovely shop in kyoto. miho sells rare plants and prime coffee beans in a little shop halfway up a hill in higashiyama. she doesn't have a website that i know of yet, sorry.


  1. oh my goodness. thats my heaven. im in love. i would LOVE to work at a shop like this. what a great find!!
    cute potted plants are one of my favourite things in life. were they exspensive?
    (youre so lucky you went there!)

  2. i know, it is just the most wonderful shop in the world,l et alone kyoto. miho is ADORABLE. we were lucky because she is a friend of my friend akiko (please check the way of tea - en post for akiko's lovely cha-ya) and we could visit miho when we rode down the hill from akiko's house everyday:) the most beautiful plants.and the most beautiful idea for aa store.i am happy to give directions to anyone heading to kyoto! (she still doesn;t have website - which is kind of nice actually:)

  3. Anonymous18:06

    What a find! Looks great.