Thursday, March 12, 2009

bamboolove and artspace tokyo

artspace tokyo and chin music press publish a special book that guides the art lover to twelve of tokyo's galleries and museums. but this book is a far cry from the standard photo, blurb, photo, blurb, map, photo, blurb, photo, blurb guide book. artspace tokyo has a lyrical approach that combines essays, interviews and ink illustrations to guide you on a wonderful path through tokyo's world of art:

'They are hidden down back alleys in private residences; they are in east-side blue-collar neighborhoods in dilapidated former warehouses; they occupy the upper floors of bland office complexes; or they may even spontaneously erupt for a single evening down a tiny backstreet in Shinjuku. People walk by them all the time without realizing they are there. Even determined art lovers, driven by word-of-mouth recommendations and armed with a map, can still find themselves standing right in front of their target and yet totally unable to see it'

the sumio-e style ink illustrations are by japanese illustrator nobumasa takahashi and his site bamboolove is where i found his lovely works below.

the artspace tokyo
blog is a bookmark for all in to art in tokyo.

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