Monday, August 31, 2009


via the ever great design files yesterday.
creative spaces, by paul barberer.
i very much like the multi-toned venetian blinds above there.
the final shot, nice bonsai?
the third last shot, nice


  1. LOVE the Kokedama! Ahhh, they look so peaceful and pretty.

  2. wow, great place and photos. they must have been taken with film, right?

    have finally posted about getting bigger pictures on blogger. btw, like your new format a lot!

  3. hi kate, the kokedama are awesome, i really want to know more about the group who makes them - i will be looking into it for sure!

    and hi kristina - i just left a very long comment on your wonderful post, sorry for the longwindedness, but i really appreciate your generous sharing of your blog layout experiments. i am not sure about the format of the pictures, perhaps check in with paul's site directly? these ones i chose are all from different studios - they are the ones that made me stop with pure wonder and appreciation of composition, light and just inspiration - his idea and execution are both really great, i think. oops, longwinded again!

  4. I never knew scissors look so good on the wall! Btw, love the nice look of the blog!

  5. oh my gosh. the last pic with the bonsai style plants...i love!!

  6. oh i would love to live in a house like this!

  7. hi sandy, aron and nazara - thanks for the comments:) scissors looking very good and sculptural ne! a house full of bonsai plants like that would be the greatest...