Sunday, September 6, 2009

kei takemura

above and many below are from her "renovated" series.
each piece is accompanied by an excellent story of the broken crockery.
kei takemura is part of the really great looking stitch by stitch exhibition
coming up at the tokyo metropolitan teien art museum.
i wish i could pop over to tokyo...

update: this is a quote from kei takemura about the "renovated" series:

"The remembrance of the tragic moment (of breaking) which cannot be reversed is not the main issue for me, much more important for me is that the plate is still treated with respect after this occasion by carefully veiling and embroidering the object. The cover out of the semi-transparent cloth gives the vessel a "frame" like a frame around a painting- it demarcates it from the outside world. The covering points out that the dish is no longer used for serving food and that the cover contains something that should be looked at. The seams with white shiny silk threads let the viewer recognize that it is not meant to be a present, which is supposed to be opened, but that this is a cover, which contains a tragic moment that must not be touched violently. The half transparent veil, which covers the vessel requires from the viewer to look attentively at what is inside the wrapping."

thanks for comments on the big size pictures!
it is a little all over the shop, but i kind of like it that way...

the very lovely kristina from nopennyforthem generously did a post recently
on her method and journey to bigger sized images and great new blog layout.
please have a look (the 1971 family photo is great!) at kristina's post and her
beautiful photos.


  1. wow! is the second last one a drawing or embroidered? it looks amazing!

  2. i would like to read her stories, is it her, on the photo?
    Like the post with the moss bals too, i think i'm gonna try something with hanging plants, for my appartment is far too small.

  3. hi marie and renilde! i am not 100% sure if it is embroidered, but a lot of her work is, so it may be. amazing it is! please click on each of the dates on that link above to see her stories for how she came by each broken piece - so great:) i hope you make a lovely hanging garden! the black and white photo is from the bio part of her site, but i am not sure if it is her or not. she refers to people a little bit mysteriously with just initials...

  4. Hi Bree

    repair is an interesting situation... defintately emotionally charged, somehow.
    the vessel with the big blue dots- wow...

    thanks for the big-photos tip!
    except what to do about the blog template not fitting it all in??
    how does one change the blog's width?

  5. hi david, i just updated the post with a quote from the artist on the renovated series, your comment prompted me to look further, so thankyou!

    about the upsize: try changing your blog template to a 'stretch' version? i use minima stretch - it gives a super wide main column for posting, letting me upload rather ridiculously large pictures:)

  6. what an interesting work of art!!
    and the teien art museum is one of my favourite museums in tokyo! i'll definately go see this exhibition, thank you so much for the great info Bree!!

  7. hi hiki - are you back from holidays?? i hope it was a good one? and enjoy the exhibition, lucky you:)

  8. that last picture is absolutely beautiful