Thursday, February 4, 2010

inspiration 01

i am not sure if i will ever be getting to live this dream i dream.
but in the meantime, here are some images of inspiration for it.
(i don't mean to be all mysterious, i just don't want to jinx it.)

1. via
2. via
windy days
3. i'm sorry, i forget

ps - i lost my phone this week. i have survived 4 days without it. but it is weird, like living underwater. i am teetering on the brink of iphone. what do you think? do you love iphone like it seems everyone else does? maybe i should get it.


  1. ok ok that flower arrangement in the fourth photo is amazing! as is the room in the second - amazing! i want a place like that (actually i would be happy even just with the desk + chair). i am also beyond curious as to your dream - but i understand about jinx's -)

  2. iphone = yes, unquestionably.

  3. I love the look of the garden house in pic # 2.

    Are you about to buy a house? Don't answer that if you think you might jinx it.

    I'm not big on phones of any kind. I really like the idea of no phone at all. But this world is very unkind to those of us without mobiles. I resisted until about 2 years ago and then cracked because nobody could understand how I didn't have one and filling out forms and all kind of formal stuff was almost impossible with a mobile ph no. Weird.

  4. oh what a great post bree!
    i have a huge dream house growing in my head too. one thing i definately want to have (if i ever build my own house that is) is "doma".

  5. iphone- its ok, but it could be better.
    hear me out, mac zealots
    its big. but then, some of the 'buttons' are ridiculously small.
    And 4 clicks to get to the number pad?- deal-breaker!
    (or 1 and a double click if you tweak it)
    so. its not as good as my macbook (zero complaints)

    I want a phone that is just a phone.
    it would look like a calculator.
    a calculator that talks to me.

  6. iphone= yes!!!!

    love it. its my joy. not perfect, but what is.

    dont even own a mac either!

  7. oh but your blog is always an inspiration..

  8. thanks for your thoughts and as ever lovely comments. that's a no to the buying a house question - i already have one:) it is a bit different to that, but really don't want to bring on the jinx! hiki, doma are maybe the best thing ever! my old house in kyoto was a machiya with a big doma - such a great way to enter a home...

    and thanks so much for responses re the iphone question...i didn;t end up getting it though! i may live to regret that...i got a simple sony one called cybershot, because hopefully it will take ok photos, like the cybershot camera. that may be very, very naive thinking, however. but at least it was free:)

  9. the second house looks supernice with all the plants! also love the fabric in the 3rd photo. all very inspiring! waw!

  10. love these plant images so much.

    little late, but bext time you are in the market, consider a wealth of votes *for* the phone.

    but, no hurry. they will always be there. :)