Sunday, February 21, 2010

my love of topiary continues.
i saw eugene atget on a show on modern photography on aunty abc last night.

eugene atget
saint-cloud 1921-22
images via 

his pictures of paris remind me of another book i recently read;

(i should probably start reading lighter reading matter some time soon...)


  1. beautiful. thanks.

  2. MarkFountain5212:49

    Very beautiful Eugene Atget images - I missed the Modern Photography program it must have been past my bedtime.
    Here's my humble topiary offering - some images I took about 10 years ago of Daichi-ji.

  3. damn i missed that!

    loved listening to the lilty voice of dylan thomas below:)

  4. very versailles :-)

  5. hi everyone - they are beautiful, very beautiful. and very versailles for sure:)
    marie and mark, maybe it will be on iview?? and glad you liked the readings marie. and thanks marks for the link, i will have a look!

  6. I absolutely stunning!

  7. I love these images! I just did my own post on gardens featuring a photo by Atget: ellenitza. Stop by when you have a minute.

  8. markFountain5212:37

    I thought I might offer this image as a very distant southern hemisphere echo of the topiary cones in the first Atget photo.

  9. hi yoli - i agree:)
    hi ellenitza - i love that third photo of the maples! thanks for pointing out your site, it looks really great.
    hi mark - very southern hemisphere, thanks for showing us! there is a lot can be done with cones, me thinks...

  10. dazzling images!!!
    i think i recognise the garden in 'l'Anneé dernière a Mariënbath', could it be the same garden?

  11. i meant 'mariënbad' :), don't think it was the same garden.

  12. I have some magical topiary for you Bree!

    xx Emma