Sunday, March 29, 2009

atelier bow-wow house tower

house tower by atelier bow-wow. the balloon chandelier, just brilliant.
designboom says here:
"they call their work 'da-me' (no good) architecture, strongly concerned about those urban spaces in tokyo that have been disregarded and considered unimportant or irrelevant, and have focussed their efforts on researching and designing small hybrid architectural structures which they define as 'pet architecture."
atelier bow-wow books:

all above photos by yusunkwon @ flickr
all below images from atelier bow-wow site


  1. It's so imaginative! I love the "upside down" window by the bathtub especially...

  2. thankyou for your comment emme, i love the fact that it is all so compact and functional in that way, then has those touches of whimsy like upsidedown windows and balloon chandeliers.

    (and now i am very happy because via your comment i have found your lovely blog with great japan-related posts. happy days.)

  3. Given the run down shoe box of an apartment I lived in for almost 7 years in Kyoto I would have killed for some atelier bow-wow dame architecture in my life back then. That house is just so gorgeous!